Another Day

Mike Rowe from the tv show Dirty Jobs needed to be filming 3 miles south of Fargo on this fine evening.  I just finished trimming hooves on 13 four to seven month old buck prospects. Dude, they have jizzed on their front legs, their chins, each other and now on my pant legs as I was trimming hooves.  It takes a really good soap to get that stuff off of your hands.  Even though this was a nasty job, I was in a pretty good humour when I got done.  There are some wicked good goats in those pens.  I’m keeping a couple of them, but the best ones may get sold in April. Just because I am already stacked deep in these same genetics.  I need to keep an outcross.  But, who knows.  

There is one that is already named.  I haven’t seen many goats like this one.  I’m probably getting ready to do the Bob Seelke trick of digging a hole and holding the doe in said hole while the little buck mounts up.  That would be an interesting comparison–who cusses the most while performing a task like this–Bob or myself.  I bet his would be funnier than mine. 

It was dang cold in NW OK from Friday evening to Sunday morning.  The phone says that it was 19 degrees on Sat. AM.  Then it warmed back up again.  Sadly, some flies survived the freeze.

Tammy and I attended a wedding and reception in Kingfisher this weekend.  We have known these kids for a long time.  It was a heckuva crowd and the reception was pretty good as well.  I don’t attend many weddings and I hadn’t attended an actual wedding in several years.  But, Kela flew in on Friday night and had to fly back to Cali on Sunday.  Since, she can’t come home for Thanksgiving, this was our chance to get to see our favorite daughter.  

Kela read the scriptures at this wedding.  I love to listen to that kid’s voice.  Between the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and other attendees, this might have been the highest concentration of former state FFA finalist public speakers ever.  Several were also national champions.  Unreal set of kids.  Showing, judging, speaking, whatever, this group of kids has been hugely successful and now they are carrying it on into the real world.  There was a lot of proud parents sitting in that church.    

I haven’t had time yet, but the quail bird is on my mind.