How is it that our TV stations, with all of the newest, latest, greatest technology, can show a radar map of a rain storm in yellow and red colors all over the screen sitting above the entire area where I live, the weatherman can point at this area on his map and talk about the good rain that is coming down in these areas, yet I walk outside and don’t get wet?  How does this anomaly occur?  At least, I didn’t have feed troughs full of wet feed.

     It’s time for me to start thinking about the Best of the West sale on Labor day.  I’ve got to get my goats ready to go.  I don’t even know which ones for sure that I will be selling.  I do know that there will be a couple of Goofy wethers,  a Joe Dirt wether or two and for sure there will be a dang good Rainman kid.  He is out of a first time doe that is a Black Sabbath x H15, which would make her a twin to the Res. Div. 5 wether at Tulsa last year.  This is a good kid.

     I’ve seen Tyke’s and Lamle’s goats within the past few weeks, and those guys are bringing a real good set of wethers and doe kids.  They actually know what they will be bringing.  Throw in Helms, Shafer and Morriss and this will be a really good set of goats backed with outstanding genetics and breeders. 

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