The first Saturday in August means that there is a goat sale in Texas that I normally attend.  Goats aren’t bad, but the food is great.  This is one of the few places that I can find a potato burrito that is made right.  When I was a kid, my grandpa Kelln had a hired man (LG)  that was married to a woman that made wicked good potato burritos.  Yes, she was Mexican and yes, those burritoes were wicked good.  

      Now, fast forward to the goat world and Kenneth Helms has a hired man who has a wife that has a very similar recipe on those potato burritos.  I love them.  I’ll buy a goat every year just to make sure that there will be a sale next year with those little tortilla rolls of love.  Now, throw in some killer good fish and chips. There might have even been some ribs and grilled shrimp that were also culinary delights.  

      This Saturday also marks the anniversary since I last had potato burritos.  It also marks an anniversary since the last time I got twisted up sideways.  Now, a year later, I behaved myself.  But I still had a large time.  Food was great, the people were better and I’ve been telling you for the past month that there would be some good wethers in this sale.  

      More importantly, I was made aware of a better anniversary.  Tammy and I both talked to a true pioneer in the goat industry this weekend.  I won’t name names on this deal, but I will say that he and his wife are celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary.  That would be Five and Eight,  Cinco-Ocho–which translates to A LOT!  

     Our society celebrates athletes scoring points, musicians selling so many records/downloads, animals selling for a crap-load, etc.  None of this will ever add up to two people being married to each other for 58 years.  This is an awesome anniversary.  Our media is quick to show celebrity weddings and quicker to show the divorces.  Why don’t they spend time to uphold the trophy of a 50 plus wedding anniversary?  That, my friends, is an accomplishment.  It took over 50 years of not one, but TWO, people being dedicated to the same ideals.  

      Somehow, I’ve managed to keep the Dragon Lady for 20 plus years.  My Dad has kept my mom for 40 plus years.  And guess what?  I have two brothers that are still on their first and only wives.  From what I can tell, the key is “marrying up”.  Not marrying up for money.  Just marrying up with better people.  I’m pretty sure that my brother-in-law will agree to this.  My dad did real well and all three boys learned the importance of finding “the right one.”  

      I’m not knocking those that have had to split ways.  Let’s be honest, myself and those around us have wondered when I would get kicked to the curb.  Luckily, that anniversary has not transpired.  There are plenty of occassions in a lot of relationships where a divorce was warranted and I’m not judging those that have to head down that path.  I know/am related to several that have traveled that road, some for the better.  I just think that 6we ought to celebrate those that make it for the duration.  58 years is HUGE!.  I don’t even know if I want to live to be 58 much less be married to one person for that long.  Luckily, I found the right one, the first time.  But still, 58 years!  WOW!!

      This takes commitment.  Dedication.  Resolve.  Pick a word.  Just think of the ups and downs dealing with children, finances, religion, health, etc.  You can’t think about all the ups and downs until you have lived it.  Now, 58 years later, they are still together.  Hats off.

      I wish our media, government, society spent more time praising these kind of milestones. I’d watch that news station.  Just show me people celebrating their 20th, 30th, etc. anniversaries. 50!!!   Stop the presses.  That’s big news.  Sure, I also want to see the dumb donkey that got tangled up like a pile of coat hangers at the anniversary party.  But let’s celebrate these couples that have earned it.  Way better than which dip-tard committed a crime or whatever turd our government just laid.  Just show me people that actually accomplished something.  They raised kids, paid taxes, voted, built communities, churches, schools, whatever.  That is the very fiber that made America.  

       This country was NOT made by lawyers, doctors, athletes or politicians.  It was made by people.  People that got married, raised kids, had jobs, provided education, bulit towns and had beliefs.  Strong beliefs.  And I strongly believe in thanking GOD for any anniversary.  GOD speed to all those that can celebrate 58 years!  

Here’s to hoping tomorrow’s anniverary is great.  I also hope for horseshoes and shamrocks.