It’s amazing the quality of animated movies that are made now.  We really like the “How to Train your Dragon”  animated movie.  Maybe, because I would like to train a Dragon, hhmm, hunnhh.  I haven’t had any luck yet training a dragon thus far;  but a good flick nonetheless.  

Let’s all just go to a happy place and think of the best animated movie ever made.  Think about it.  There are a pile of good ones, but some are way better than others.  What’s your favorite?


Lady & the Tramp, Toy Story, Cars.  How about the Fox & the Hound, Beauty & the Beast?  Alladdin?  Robin Williams as a voice means it is good.  All great ones.  But not good enough.  Fantasia–it was the original Disney big one–so good that they re-released it.  

Honorable mention–“Finding Nemo”.  I really like that movie.  

How about “Little Mermaid”.? Whew!!  Ariel is smoking HOT!!

Let’s get serious.  There are several that could be considered but it always comes down to a 3 horse race.  

The girls living in a 500 square foot apartment in California think “Shrek” is a great one.  I agree.  It was so successful that they made multiple versions and a spin off with the cat.  Great movie.  

What about the movie that all of us old codgers remember seeing for the first time, young ones still watch and every peta dues paying dumbass regards as a manifesto against hunting—-“Bambi”.  This movie sticks with you.  Animated or not.  Everybody knows Bambi.  

Then there is my personal favorite.  So good that it would make my personal top 10 list of all movies ever made.  RUSM?!  Can you say voices that made you cringe?  “Mufasa…say it again.”  James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons,  how about Sarabi’s voice….smoking hot…they had the best voices for all of the characters.  They literally emptied Broadway to get all of the voices to do these parts.  This movie was so good that the supporting characters are famous–Pumbaa and Timon–and they got their own show.  What about Rafiki?  Just look at the supporting cast voices.  Whoopi, Cheech, Rowan, etc.  This movie was off the hook good.  Now if you want to feel old.  Kela and I went to see it in the movie theater in Enid when it came out….1994.  I had just finished my first year teaching at Billings.  This movie is getting ready to be 20 years old.  

I remember the first time that I saw Bambi, haven’t watched Nemo or Shrek in awhile and haven’t seen the Lion King in years, but these are all great movies.  The best thing about this blog, you people can’t argue with me.  These are great movies.  

It’s not a close race.  The Lion King wins this deal like a 900 influenced goat wins wether shows.  It all ties together.