And then…..tacos?!

I hope that all of you people had as good of a Thanksgiving Day as what I did.  I smoked 2 turkeys per request from the Kelln females.  I forgot to check my stash of spices and rubs.  I was out of what I usually use on turkey. So, I piled into the kitchen and made my own rub.  When, I thought that it was close, I had Duke taste it.  Official taste test.

I can smoke a turkey.  I mean damn good turkey.  Moist, flavorful and bad donkey good.  Dude, I think that this might have been my best yet.  And to make it better, baby brother Daniel smoked a brisket and BURNT ENDS!  The brisket was good.  The burnt ends were wicked bastard good.  The ladies had the taters, stuffing, gravy, rolls, yams, green beans and all of the desserts ready.  OOOOOHHHHHWWWEEEE!!!!  The pants don’t fit right.

All three brothers and all of the grandkids MINUS one.  That would be Kela.  But she did FaceTime for the prayer.  It was 2 Am where she was at.  Oh, where might that be?  Thailand.  Why?  Job related–NO.

Me–“Why are you going to Thailand for some festival of lanterns?”

Kela–“Because I’ve never been there.”

Me–“Oh.  Makes sense.  I guess.”

Yes, she took a vacation to Thailand.  We have video of her riding elephants.  WTF?   She checks off countries like I check off states.

Did we have any refugees this year for Thanksgiving dinner?  You bet.  It was awesome.  Of course, Uncle Jim was here.  And later in the day, Uncle Glen made it.  (He actually isn’t an uncle, but we all like him so, Uncle Glen it is.)  But we also had a special guest that lives in Hawaii.  One of my parents very best friends was back to the mainland dealing with some family issues in Mooreland, OK.  Harold Deever came to dinner.  I hadn’t seen him in years, but he fit right in.  Good people and good times.  I like it.  I love it.  I want some more of it.

I dang neart forgot that Milligan was having a Black Friday semen sale.  A couple of calls this morning reminded me.  I like selling that stuff for a lot of dollars but I also don’t like all of the risk and expenses that come with it.  Thanks to all the buyers.  Be watching in the near future for some kind of dollar discount deals.

Yes, that brings me back to the title.  Tacos.  I like tacos.  I ate a smoked turkey sandwich with my favorite sliced pickles and BBQ sauce on it for lunch.  This was a sandwich that I would pay $9.95 for.  But it was all here in my fridge.  So, it was kind of like FREE.  Tonight, I really wanted to go somewhere, BUT Frosty the Snowman was on the tube.  Yes, I watched it.  Then, I headed to the kitchen to get creative.   Taco shells, shredded cheese, salsa, some beans and corn along with that turkey.   DAMN!!!!!   These turkey tacos will now forevermore be on the menu at Kelln’s little piece of paradise.  I’m sure that I ain’t the first to make turkey tacos but I may have made the best.  I can see a Turkey Taco Tuesday in the near future.  If there is any turkey left.  Duke is now making use of the turkey.  Dang that kid can inhale food.

Thanks to all that gave us the opportunities that we currently enjoy.  Thank you to all veterans and active duty.  Cops, fire and EMS, nurses and doctors as well as those that spent time on their “vacation” taking care of students and their livestock.  Thanks to all.   GOD bless.

And I’m telling you that these turkey tacos are bad ass!

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