It is truly amazing at how close a yipping coyote can sound like it is sitting right on your front porch.  3:54 am this morning and I was outside with a rifle that has a light mounted on it.  I first thought the critter was in the front yard, then by the mailbox but as it turned out he was sitting down by the north pond.  They can throw that voice out there.

Another amazing thing is just how nasty it is when a nursing doe gets the runs while in the kidding pens.  She doesn’t act sick but she crapped all over the place. You could paint a wall with a doe’s tail.  A couple of sulfa boluses and some spectam poured out of the bottle and down the hatch since the squirt top cap has decided to quit working and I bet she is fine. 

It is also truly amazing as to the number and different kinds of excuses kids can come up with as to why they don’t have their speech memorized, even though they have had them written for months. 

Here’s to hoping that it is an amazing day.