Always somebody better

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, there is always somebody coming along that will be better.  It is amazing to me how some people have stayed relevant (towards the top of a given species of livestock shows) for 10 to 20 years.  Breeders, ag teachers, jocks, show families, etc.  Trends change, judges change, styles change.  It is tough to get to the top and even tougher to stay on top.  Athletics are the same.  There is always somebody that can do it better.

For example, Nick Saban has been called the greatest college football coach of all time.  Bill Belichick is considered the best nfl coach of all time.  No doubt that they can gather players, coach the game and win.  They are both horrible dealing with the media and others.  But they win and win a lot.

Now, some dude named Dabo Swinney.  He can obviously coach.  He got the job at Clemson because he could recruit.  Now, he has proven to be a winner.  BUT, he goes a step further.  How?  Watch his interviews.  Watch his player’s interviews.

We aren’t talking about a public speaking champion but he takes his awe-shucks personality, praises others, sticks to his guns and sounds like he is the same guy in the locker room that he is in front of the camera.  He doesn’t mis-speak but yet he provides lots of sound bites.  Listen to this cat in interviews from 2012, 14, 16, 17, 18 and now, he hasn’t changed.  He seems legit.

I don’t know how good a coach he actually is, but he has made sure to surround that program with top shelf assistant coaches.  And he lets them coach.

Now, think of a recruit.  Better yet, think of that recruit’s mother, family, etc.  This dude isn’t preaching winning.  He’s talking family, love, GOD, work ethic, fun and he refuses to bash anybody else.  He just talks his program.  And talks it with passion.  “We do things that we believe in.”    The Dragon Lady has enjoyed listening to him.  If Duke was a football player, she would be sending him to Clemson.

Plus, it is kind of  cool to watch him NOT worry about the coke bottle on the podium or what water bottle he has in front of him.  I’m not bashing the others.  I just get why this dude is winning.  He has built a culture and seems to walk the walk.  t was kind of cool watching the winning coach and winning quarterback give praise to others and to GOD.  They will lose a bunch of players that will be making a pile of cash next year.  But, I think that Clemson will reload.  Clemson’s top wide receiver was a freshman from Alabama.  Why?  He liked the family atmosphere at Clemson.   This dude is gathering players and building a culture.


And, I always like a good ag school that excels at sports.  i also like a good musical performance.  Dudes, that national anthem was performed sub par.  Then the half-time show?!  I like some of Imagine Dragon’s songs.  I also don’t mind a good rapper.  But that lil Wayne stuff was brutally bad.  Shouldn’t have ever been shown on the tv.  Some of the internet comments as to his wardrobe were classic.  “He looked like the ham-burglar!”  “Lil Wayne dressed like somebody’s aunt/grandma going to the dollar general at 10pm to buy some juice.”  No matter, that music sucked.  ESPN/ABC should have had control of that crap ahead of time.

Peace out and have a good one.  But just remember, somebody is out there, somewhere, working to do it better.

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