Almost Perfect

Not really, but a good day indeed.

We started the Woodward District Livestock Show on Saturday with the Ag Mechanics contest.  It went well.  I will touch on this more, at a later time.  Today, we showed barrows.  Shattuck’s hog #s are down.  And the ones we have are not as good as we wanted them to be.  Well fed and well presented but just not good enough.  I’m not known as a hog guy but my pig showing resume is better than most not as good as some.  It just didn’t all come together this year.

In saying all of that, I watched the barrow show as a completely unbiased spectator.  I’ve known the judge since he got out of college but we aren’t close.  Before today, I hadn’t seen him judge anything more than a jackpot show.  After watching today’s show, he needs to keep judging big shows.  Timely, non-political, consistent, reasons matched the animals and going into the grand drive, I said, “He will go cross then hamp.”  I was wrong.  He went hamp then cross.  Guess what?  It turns out the grand and reserve were littermates!  I’m not afraid to bash a shitty judge and I will praise a good one.  I enjoyed watching this show.  And I told him that he did a good job sorting stock.

I’ve actually had to make appointments to show this next set of bucks.  I am proud that people have driven from numerous states to lay their eyes and hands on these goats.  And without exception, everybody has said that the photos don’t do them justice.  I know but ….but….but ….I can give you excuses that involves the lack of time and bad weather.   But…..I would still just be making excuses.

Tonight, the Dragon Lady knew that I needed to eat an actual meal.  She cooked up a mini-herf roast beef dinner with baby taters and carrots.  I wasn’t hungry but I ate.  So, so good.  Speaking of a herf.  After we unloaded pigs at the ag farm, we then loaded a pig to go to a different show.  Herfy the Hereford is on the trailer and will be unloaded at the Gage Locker on Monday morning.  I can’t wait to eat this tasty looking porcine specimen.

And then, after the roast beef dinner, I had a couple of speeches to look at for kids NOT from Shattuck.  One has an absolute great, unique topic but the speech needs help.  The other was a very busy speech but I loved the ideas that it presented.  And knowing the kid that will be delivering the speech, well….let’s just say that I like her chances.

Oh, and it was 50 degrees and a lot of stuff got thawed out.   Not perfect, but almost.

People, I truly hope that losses were at a minimal for all of you during this nut-kick that the past winter storm delivered.  We are one day closer to going on a fishing trip with Ron Simonson.  As Tammy and I disperse these goats and all of the responsibilities that go with livestock ownership, we are going to start looking to catch a fish and have fun.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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