All over the place

       I’ve got the same questions that everybody else in the show goat world has–How much 900 is too much?  How tight can I line up 191?  Where is the next great one?

I can answer all of these questions with a very solid I don’t know.  What I do know is that I could just stay at home and show kids sired by Joe Dirt, Rumour Has It and Rainman and we would get along very well.  I could use these bucks, not spend money, and things wouldn’t be all bad in the goat world.  But, I know that I won’t be satisfied with that.  I’ve got to wonder, wander, got to look, got to try to find something else.  Got to go all over the place to find that next magical piece that just “clicks”.  I’ve got the itch to do some traveling, some looking, and making new stories.  

     Speaking of all over the place, this wind that shows up every other day around here seems to blow crap all over the place.  There are some monster tumbleweeds that show up in the morning, but when I get home of an evening, they’ve headed back across the road.  The combination of wind, months of no precipitation and several weeks of butt-ass cold has made western OK and the TX panhandle a dry, desolate area.  Drought over–NO, I don’t think so.  

     I’ve been cruising the internet this evening looking for possible buck combinations.  No TV on, but the iTunes are playing.  My musical collection is all over the place.  Right now, there is a song called “Return To Sender”  by the King–Mr. Elvis the Presley.  Tomorrow, Big I has a birthday.  As the numerous voice memos have called it–he will turn the DOUBLE NICKLE!  Congrats!  Keep it skinnt.  Get Bent.  Stay out of trouble.  Keep Calm.  

      I’m also watching these California online wether sales that are happening tonight.  I don’t know who took the pics, but somebody did a heckuva good job.  It looks to me like there are some solid goats out west.  There seems to be more interest in quality genetics out there lately.  With the northern market, California market, Georgia and continued demand in OK and TX, the show goat market looks like it will continue to trend UPWARD in 2014. I don’t know if there will be record highs set this year, but I will bet that good ones will continue to sell very well.  VERY WELL!   Common ones– not so much.  (How appropriate is it that “The Gambler” is playing right now). My experiences in this business has proven to me that you CANNOT try to play it cheap.  The more you spend, the more you make.  Spend money on feed, spend on hay, spend on facilities, spend on advertising and spend on high quality genetics–then cash checks.  However, you MUST have a budget and work within that budget.  No matter whether you are buying breeding stock or show stock, know what you can spend and DON’T take the cheap route.  Buy the best that you can afford and then work to improve your situation.  In the breeding game, it can be rough for a year or two or three, but if you do it right, it will pay off.

        Has country music ever been as bad as what it currently is today?  Very few of these artists today have “real skills”.  They sound, and look like failed rock/pop artists.  Garth, George, Shania, etc haven’t done much new in years but are still popular.  Of course, rock music isn’t in much better shape.  KISS, AC/DC, etc haven’t done anything new but are still selling out concerts and songs on iTunes.  Originality goes a long ways.  The next new sound will make a pile of money for artists, producers, record companies, etc.  The next outcross buck in the show goat world that hits–well, there will be cash all over the place.   We are all just waiting.