All in a day

      It is hard to believe that it has been 70 degrees F these past few days.  No ice to break or watch goats slip on.  The mud is gone.  70, in NW OK, in December…RUKM?  And no wind?  I’m sure we will pay for it later, but it is nice.

      For some reason, this Thursday was not fun.  No major problems…just lots of hiccups and headaches that add up.  For starters, I let some bucks visit some does back in July.  The problem is that I saved the breeding dates in my phone notes.  Technology is great, right up until there is a fail.  The phone notes zapped out and deleted notes back to April.  So now, I am waiting on some does to kid.  I know what bucks, just not sure on breeding dates.  I wish I would have just used my sticky note system.  Unlike some technology, this sticky note system that I have is a time-proven no-fail system.  Unless, someone, other than my self needs to read them.  

      I think part of my Thursday problems were caused by Wednesday evening dessert.  Once the Shattuck Christmas parade was over, we went to eat at Gusto’s.   Food was great.  But then I was offered the dessert menu.  I don’t eat much chocolate.  Didn’t need a carrot cake..wait, what…strawberry shortcake with whipped cream.  I have theories about ordering desserts.  Something about this one said, “YES! Do it!”  So, I did.  And it was wicked good.  Trust me, you haven’t had strawberry shortcake like this at a restaurant.  And it didn’t take long for me to realize just how good that REAL whipped cream was.  The lactose intolerance set in and it was off to the races.  My gut hurt along with other consequences.  It hurt bad.  Real bad.  So, would I eat it again.  YES!!   But, there would have to be a strategic plan to deal with it.  I like milk products. 

      I got home from my employment and did chores.  Then, the Dragon Lady took me back to Shattuck.  I let the kids use my tractor, trailer and hay for the Christmas parade.  All good.  But, I needed to get that tractor back to unload feed and move hay.  I left Shattuck at 5:27 p.m.  I made it out of town and headed East down the Shattuck/Sharon road.  Who would have expected it to be so busy on a Thursday night?  Not I.  When we left to go get the tractor is was 63 degrees out.  I decided to add a hoodie to my wardrobe.  Wise decision.  It got a bit cool roading home.

      Back in ’13, I traded tractors.  Tammy asked me why I didn’t get a cab on this new tractor.  The reply was that I didn’t need one or want one.  Tonight was the first time that I considered wanting a cab.  And it wasn’t even cold out.  But, once the sun sets and the wind is blowing in your face at 22.6 mph, it gets a bit chilly.  

       I unloaded hay, finsihed chores and headed to the house.  Tammy had a pot-pie in the oven for me.  This meant that it would take 30 minutes to cook and 48 minutes to cool down.  During that hour, the corgi patrol of dogs that inhabit our porch started making noise.  Tammy looked out to see and there was smell cat eating dog food on our porch.  I grabbed a shotgun and coaxed it away from the house, then away from the pickup and DANG that thing was fast.  But not fast enough.  

      And now, I sit here, waiting on that pot pie to cool, looking at Milligan’s videos and thinking that it has been a long day and he has too much extra time.  Or do I?  Because I am the one sitting here watching this “Stop, Drop and Go–Illustrated version” crap.  I think that I might need some fresh whipped cream on this pot pie.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.