Yes, again, for the first time since the fall of ’88, I attended the whole Ellis County Free Fair.  And, it was your typical fall OK free fair…”And we have another single entry in this class….”   The fall livestock shows aren’t what they used to be.  But then again, the spring OK shows are LOADED.  So it all balances out.

     Hats off to the county agents and home ec agents that make these fairs happen.  I saw some happy kids with their 1st place 4-H ribbons from the craft show.  I assigned it as a grade that EVERY student had to have at least one exhibit in the county fair.  I got to eat some wicked good cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and cookies from students that made “extras”.  RUSM?!  Yes, there were bonus points is somebody wanted to feed the fat ag teacher.  And, at least two boys cooked cupcakes/cinnamon rolls for their entire ag class.  Between the stock show, grass boards, ag mech, canning, cookies, floral arrangements, photography, news boards, tractor driving, livestock judging, etc. we had a pile of stuff in the county fair.  The other towns had some really good grass bundles and such.  It wasn’t a bad looking fair.  

       And, yes, there still needs to be a place for “some old ladies” to enter their jellies and such.  But, there was a lot of kids that also entered.  Duke and Dragon did a lot of canning this past month.  We had this little garden project.  Duke actually had the best of show jelly for the whole county.  And he actually did the canning.  I stood in the corner of the kitchen giving he and his mother crap about it.  Something along the lines of, “You clowns don’t know what the h…… you are doing.”     And, Tammy entered a jar of some killer sand plum jelly.  But her son beat her like a rented mule.  

       Speaking of again….another state fair has come to a conclusion.  The Kansas State Fair just concluded and by all accounts, it was a wicked good show.  The quality was deeper and better than ever.  And like the OK State Fair and Tulsa State Fair of 2013, the reserve grand of the 2014 Kansas State Fair had a Joe Dirt sired momma. Congrats to Justin Goodno on raising the res. grand wether–1208 x Joe Dirt MOMMA.  Congrats to the McBeth family on their accomplishment.  I don’t know what to say about Joe Dirt.  I haven’t used him enough and he just keeps propagating good goats. I think that I will just stay home and not even look for another buck this year….and then again, on second thought, I’ll still be on the lookout and just let Dirt keeping it done.  Again, congrats to Goodno and others for recognizing the genetic value of Joe Dirt.           Yes, again, I screwed up.  I sold a pair of Rumour Has It X Goofy doe kids that I shouldn’t have.  I also sold a Rumour Has It x Double Dirty.  I am not smart.  But they went to good homes.  And, NO, the money wasn’t high.  I’ve had too many doe kids and like I said, they went to good homes.  

       And it rained, again.  I feel guilty with the moisture that we have recieved lately.  It hasn’t been a big run-off kind of rain as the ponds are still way low.  But, we have soil moisture, green grass and well, a helluva good attitude about life.  With all of the recent rains, I feel tall, physically fit, smart and dang good looking.  OK, maybe 2 of the 4.