I do like having visitors to our piece of paradise.  You might learn something.  For instance, Saturday afternoon, we had a family in from western Colorado and a family from central Kansas.  The family from Colorado was happy with their online purchase and wanted to look around. No problem.  I’ve got a really good kid, out of a proven doe, but he is bow-legged on the front end.  RIght now,  I would term him Un-Merchantable.  We’ll see if the new advice works or not.  I”m going to try it.   If he straightens up, he’s good.  If he doesn’t–sale barn.  

      The other problem….A kid from Kansas showed me a pic of a south Texas wether that he had purchased.  He looks good.  Real good. But, I haven’t seen him in real life. The breeder of that goat hadn’t been on my list of stops.  But, I might have to change my plans.