There has been several adventures this past week.  Just going to work has been an adventure.  I’m short-handed and it has been busy.  Good problem.  Delivering balers has been an adventure.  Trying to trade for off-colored equipment has been an adventure.  Taking care of goats is always an adventure.

     I ventured out on Thursday evening to go look at a set of goats.  I took the popper in the back of the pickup, prepared to buy 4 or 7 head.  But no.  I ended up having to borrow the breeder’s trailer to get the fleet home that I purchased.  At least I didn’t call Tyke and have him bring a gooseneck.  Now the adventure begins.  We came through a wicked rain storm on the way home.  We missed the hail.  But we also missed supper.  I hadn’t eaten all day and no restaurants were open on the way home.  Worse, the Allsup’s that I stopped at had lost power for an hour or so.  They didn’t even have a corn dog, burrito or chimichange in the heater case.  When have you ever gone into an Allsup’s when the hot box wasn’t full of warmed nitro-laced joys of a somewhat food product?  Well, this was a first for me.  A crappy little sandwich out of the cooler box, a squirt of mustard, glass of tea and I was on the road again.  

      I got home in the am hours.  Had to leave the goats on the borrowed trailer since I really didn’t have a pen ready for that many goats.  Friday evening finally came after an adventurous day at work.  Tyke, Tyler, Duke and I sheared, wormed and unloaded this pile of wethers.  I only broke one set of clippers and dulled several sets of blades.  A few cuss words, no beatings and the work was done.  

      Now the adventure really begins.  What am I going to do with all of these wethers?  All I know for sure, is that there are premium sales ahead for some lucky kids.


It is party day.  Time to get the smoker rolling and the beverages on ice.