Adventure-day two

People, let me tell you a thing or two. First, if you are in OK or TX and think it is cold outside, well it’s not. It was -22 this morning in Moline, IL. Yes, that is a negative sign in front of that double deuce. Next, if John Deere is doing something, it will be done right. We went on a gold key tour at the combine factory this morning. This is a special tour for customers that have purchased a combine or tractor. They treat you like royalty at this tour. It is an awesome tour and the factory is a true modern marvel. The customer gets to be the first person to fire up the machine as it nears the end of the assembly line. And yes, Lance was literally given a gold plated key that will start his new combine. We then toured John Deere world headquarters and had lunch there. They do a great job on these tours and it is really cool to see. It was interesting how many employees have LOTS of years of experience. Not many former Deere employees. This tour is fit for all ages, men or women. I’ve seen and done some cool stuff in my life but this deal took a seat right at the top of the list. Oh, and another thing. It can get a little interesting on a Monday night in Moline. Especially, when Milligan gets to discussing alternative lifestyles with the staff at TGIfridays. And then, a pair of drunk Germans who claim to be ice cream machine repairmen try to join into the conversation. “You know, like machines that the Dairy Queen uses. Yes?!” Tonight. A casino in Waterloo, Iowa. Tomorrow–the legendary John Deere tractor factory gold key tour. I’m like a little kid on the night before Christmas. The big adventure continues.