Sure, I wish that I was in KC on this fine friday.  Duke & I would have liked to have eaten some Danny Edwards Blvd. BBQ sandwiches for lunch and now be at the 801 chophouse with lobster corn dogs, a fine cut of meat and a high quality bourbon (Me, not Duke, on the last part.)  We normally hit the spook houses on this night.  But, I’m not there.  Nor is he.

Duke is delivering custom made benches and feed additives.  AND he just managed to schedule some hunting in with these deliveries.  Well planned on his part.

No, we didn’t want to show at KC this year.  One would have to have a wether on feed to nominate and enter in order to show there.  But we like that show.  Not so much the show as the camaraderie.  I like to see the yankees as well as others.  It is fun to watch the Okie kids get along at KC (or other out-of-state shows).

Instead of being in KC, Duke, then me, then Tammy will head out on adventures, independently of each other.  I know, it’s kind of messed up, but it kind of fits us.

I just hope that it is dry when I get home.  We are wet.  FOR, this part of the world.  Dude, I wouldn’t want the water that the Llano river country is dealing with.  Nor, do I want any part of the hurricane hit country in Florida, Georgia or the Carolinas.  NW OK version of wet ain’t the same as their version.  Likewise, their version of windy is NOT quite the same as ours.

Nothing but positive vibes around here.  Horseshoes and Shamrocks.  And I hope some deserving son-of-a-gun bought a winning lottery ticket.  Here’s to you and yours, me and mine and to all the rest of you people…CHEERS!

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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