No matter what business you are in, one has to decide when and where to advertise.  Let’s be real.  I have done a piss poor job of promoting my own stuff for several years.  Hell, I haven’t even updated sales & successes  page on my own website for almost 4 effing years!   We’ve raised grands & reserve grands at district shows, class winners at state and national shows but NO, my dumb ass can’t seem to find time to forward some pics to get added to my own dang page.

Several years ago, I spent money for a farm show to make labeled cow bells.  That was money well spent.  The next year, while Duck Dynasty was so popular, I had duck calls made with logos on them.  That was even better. Basically, I do a better job of promoting other stuff than I do my own.  Look at the Shattuck FFA book face page as compared to my personal page.  There is no comparison.

I understand the value of pics on social media.  I occasionally post a goat or two, but not to the extent that I should.  For the past 5 years, it has been all about promoting a buck or two.  Those pics have been on my website, e-blast, oklahomashowgoats and book face.

I haven’t ran a print ad in years.  Should I?  I don’t know.

Selling bucks has been good and I haven’t had any problem moving wethers.  So why pay for advertising?  Once again, I don’t know.

What I do know is that most people think that I can be hard to deal with on a wether.  Not at all.  I want the good ones to go to a good home.  And yeah, I want a fair price.  But, I do understand the value of a good home.

This blog has helped me move a lot of goats but it may have also turned some people off.  I realize that and understand it and things probably won’t change.

One must have a strong web presence, understand the importance of utilizing social media and choose the best value for print ads.  The future will show if I know what I am doing or not.  Probably not.


On a side note, I’m paying attention to the oscar’s tonight.  I don’t care who wins but I did enjoy the montage of iconic movie theme songs that INSTANTLY identifies the movie.  Of course, Rocky is a great one, the Titanic song and ooohhh, Whitney’s “I will always love you” are off the charts.  But, the song that is identifiable on ONE note.   Yes, I would like to name that movie.  It is “Deliverance”.  That first banjo chord hits and it is hard to NOT think about squealing like a pig.  I really liked how they segued from a line in Deliverance to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.



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