A common question that we get asked is “What additives do we feed?” The answer is not very many. All of our show wethers are on the Special K feed with Vindicator added to it. Vindicator is the new Grand Goat formula. Do I think that gand goat or vindicator works miracles? NO. But I do think that it helps their immune system and helps their appettite. If an animal feels good and eats good then you are going to get their full genetic potential. I also think that it does help with keeping their hide tighter. We also add liquid fat to our feed. We mix feed on a weekly basis using a cement mixer. 6 gallons of feed, 6 ounces of liquid and 32 ounces of vindicator per mix.

When we are within a week of a show, we add STOP! to their feed to help prevent fungus, ringworms, etc. We will continue to feed this for a week or so after the target show. You can’t feed this year round as this additive will lose its effectiveness if fed every day.

Occasionally, we get a wether that is a too fat and needs hardened up. In that case, if I don’t think that we can run them into shape, we use a high noon feed, original glo. A 1/4 pound of this stuff will help harden one. I have on occassion, used high noon’s Shine Em Up to try to bloom a thinner goat.

Are there other additives out there that will work. Yes. My experience with all species of animals has shown me that the majority of animals need a basic, yet complete feed with proper exercise is what works the best. We monitor our animals and adjust feed amounts as needed. By adjusting fat or protein levels, we don’t need many additives. If a person isn’t careful, they can spend more on additives than they can on the animal.

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