All of us in the stock show game want to know who was grand at whatever show.  How good was it?  All of that crap.  But, there is a real world that goes on outside of the show ring.  We can lose sight of that.  A small percentage of kids actually win big shows.  Very few.  But, there are always kids that are dealing with real life.

For example, I have a student who owns his own semi and ground load trailer.  Not a new unit by any stretch, but he has his own rig.  Yes, he drives it to school a couple of times per week.  And he hauls lots of cattle.  His own, his dad’s, for hire, whatever he can do, he’s doing it.  Just trying to make a dollar and build a program.  Good deal.

Now, this kid has spent the last two days with this semi and trailer hauling cattle.  For FREE!  He’s been helping people get their cattle out of the way of the fires.  Catch em, Load em and Move em.  His cattle are safe so he’s just been doing what you do in the ag business…if there is a problem, you help somebody else.

Trust me, Carl would way rather be hauling cattle than be in school.  But, the fact of the matter is he has been out there fighting the good fight.  People want to talk bad about today’s kids.  Well, this deal probably ought to be in the news as I bet there isn’t many other high school kids hauling cattle for people with their own semi and trailer.  I would love to see a TV interview with Carl.  It would be fun.  And they would have to wait until the work is done.  I don’t worry about kids like this.  This kind understands work ethic and how to do good by others.  The very things that our country was founded upon.  Accolades are in order.

Speaking of the news, whether you watch OKC or Amarillo news in this part of the world, they spend more time covering a backyard grass fire within 20 miles of a metro area than they do a fire that has burnt up about a million acres in three states.

No matter where you live or your involvement in agriculture, you will have good neighbors and people that will help.  Ag people get it. Give accolades to those in your area that step up and help.



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