A Warm 10 degrees

It was cold this morning.  10 degrees is what the pickup and the tv both said.  The ground was covered with a very powdery, very dry snow.  Maybe 2 or 3 inches.  I went about chores and getting fresh water to all of the stock.  I made it back in and Tammy told me that she was going to let Duke sleep in.  I was like “WTH?”  She said, “They cancelled school.”  Now, I was like “WTH did they cancel school for?”  I’m still not sure, but we didn’t have school today.  

Duke and I went to the ag building to get some stuff done anyway.  Then, we came back and took care of stock again.  There was no wind.  THANK YOU!  This made it the absolute nicest and warmest 10 to 16 degree day that I can remember.  

One positive about not having babies right now—Duke’s wethers are enjoying living in the kidding barn.  I don’t think that they realize that it is even cold outside.  

I felt old this morning with ESPN announcing that Chris Berman was going to start phasing into retirement.  My generation literally grew up with Chris Berman calling sports highlights.  

I went to Woodward this afternoon to run errands.  The metal place, stereo shop, hardware store and Deere dealership.  Got everything except for one thing done….the main thing that I had to go to Woodward for….to either get my phone fixed or dare I say, get a new one.  I forgot to go to the american telephone and telegraph store.  Oh well.  

Have a good one.  And if you need me, keep trying, some calls come through.  Some don’t.  Sometimes I can get the voicemails to play.  Sometimes not.  I miss my bag phone.  

Keep warm and make sure the critters all get a good drink.