A Mark

    I love watching Chris Farley movies, old SNL re-runs and documentaries.  I’m always in a good mood watching his stuff.  He makes me laugh.  

That’s gonna leave a mark.  I laugh just thinking about it and typing it.  

     Writing this blog reminds me of that.  There has definitely been times that I knew that what I was getting ready to post would leave a mark.  Sometimes the mark was left on me.  Believe you me, there have been several times that I have have been hit hard enough to leave a mark over crap that I wrote on here.  Other times, it was left on the readers or the people that shared it and said, “You need to read this crap!”

      I have had to learn just how many people read this stuff.  It isn’t just goat people.  It is cross-over bathroom reading for those involved with other species, ag teachers, family, friends, people that I have never met, people that don’t like me, etc.  

       When you get a text (with a name) from so-and-so that has a collection of rusty ice picks and they heard that I might need one that can pierce a fiddy year old sack.   HAAAAA!!!

        Or, “I have not met you but I know you don’t like texting and I know how straight-forward you can be…..”     My response– Thank you.  

      The fiddy b-day was fun.  I had fun.  Like wearing a pimp shirt with a chive baby yoda t-shirt, my new hat and the KILT.  Yes, the kilt was on full display.  I didn’t have so much fun that I did anything that will leave a mark.  

I also didn’t get paid.  

     A month or so ago, I wrote a blog about Clayton Washmon donating one of his premium sale checks to a little girl fighting  cancer.  A reader reached out to me and said that he was sending a check for the family.  He knew the struggle of fighting cancer and wanted to help.  Seriously.  How cool is that?  Today, I delivered the letter/check from Dave Ryan to the dad of that girl.  That dad shook his head and said, “Their is a lot of good in this world.  Thank you.”  How true is that statement?   Even though there is negativity in the stock show world, livestock people are the best!  I might not like a couple of you crooked, money-hungry bastards but the other 99.98% are wicked awesome!!  I mean…simply the best.  

Thank you Dave Ryan.  This is one of the coolest things ever!  This is the kind of mark that I like.  

      For you goaters, if you don’t know, you might want to check out the goats being raised by Dave & Beth Ryan in Illinois.  They bought a wicked cool black headed Lasagna buck from me last year and they also bought Hitman from the Milligan firm.  They are going to be offering some good goats. 

       At times, I fear that I have left a skid mark here or there.  There have been posts that I knew were going to hit the industry like a skid mark in a pair of white underwear.  I could go off on a post about the negatives and all of you that have reached out to me about sideways judges leaving skid marks on our shows.  But I won’t.  Not tonight.  Just remember that a skid mark, although not a pleasant deal, can still be a guide.  If you are going to re-wear dirty underwear, just remember that the yellow stain goes towards the front and the skid mark to the rear.  

        In closing, thank you to all of you.  For real.  With all of the negativity in this world, there is a time to laugh, learn something new and love.  And there is always a time to help others.  Truly, thank you for leaving a mark, not only on me but others.  We are in this together.  And together, we can leave a mark. 

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