7th & 8th

Productive weekend. We were fairly busy at the store for a Saturday morning. Picked up a load of feed on Saturday. Grain markets keep going up. At some point, we are going to see feed prices start creeping up. Stopped in at Cleo, Saturday evening. I got to listen to Bob Seelke and the Governor Jack Staats sling BS for awhile. I did learn a new term for how hot it has been. I probably won’t post it on here though.

I watched Forrest Gump on tv on Saturday evening. That has to be the best acting job of all time and one of the greatest movies ever made. I also watched some Diners, Drive ins and Dives. I like watching that show. Its kind of cool seeing some new places and different food items. Although I really like to travel and eat at good places, I couldn’t do that job. There is no way that I could sample some of those vegetable dishes and anything that had tongue in it. I couldn’t even fake it. That first raw tomato and I’d be out of there.

Made it to Mass on Sunday morning. That’s three weeks in a row for me. Dang near a record for me in the past twenty years. I probably didn’t get to miss Mass three times from ages 0-to 18. Of course, I would need to go daily to make up for a lot my transgressions.

After lunch, Duke and I clipped, trimmed hooves, vaccinated, etc, all of his wethers. He is starting to do the clipping. He’s slow and leaves skips, but kids need to learn. It drives me nuts to watch him, but he’ll get better.

Braden showed up to help with work his babies. We vaccinated, burnt horns and clipped that set also. Everybody that shows goats needs to help burn horns sometime. Then we tied into the big job. Washing and clipping Freak on a Leash. The goat acted fine, but working a two year old buck is not fun. But we got him done. It just happened that the temperature spiked above a 100 while we were working him. When we got done, the temperature dropped. I’m getting old and fat.

We’re still drenching the urinary calculi victim. He seems to be fine. Tammy is still working to get the retard to suck. She has way more patience than me.

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