$70K wether

Let’s get right to the point.   BULLSHIT!!!!  There ain’t nobody in the industry buying this shit.  A $70K effing wether sells in Indy…..NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

The previous record high selling wether was $36K at a friday night deal.  There AIN’T no chance of a $70k wether UNLESS it was sold in TX/OK with the backing of the right breeder’s/godfathers.  NO!  This deal doesn’t pass any smell test.

I have dealt with the guy that sold the high $ wether.  I have dealt with the people that “bought”  the high $ wether.  NOOOO!!!   Nothing about this seems right.  There ain’t enough stimulus money to justify this.

I don’t care who I piss off.   On Saturday afternoon, I was texted a pic of the grand wether at this sale.  I looked at the pic and thought, “I guess that there wasn’t a good one at this sale.”  And then, $70K…..BS!!!!   The sale coordinator, the seller, the buyer, the auctioneer, BULL!!!!

I don’t care who is behind this fiasco…no matter, this is a bad time to play a fake high $ sale.  $40K…..ok….once again, it needs to happen in TX.  $70k…..bullshit!  Whoever concocted this plan are a bunch of morons.  Notre Dame graduate or not….this is stupid.  PROVE ME WRONG!!!!

My # is 580-571-5029 and my address is 3 miles south of Fargo, OK then 1/2 mile west.  Zip code is 73840.  Nothing good will come from this BS sale.  Congrats!   A $70K wether…..dumb asses!!

I truly feel like the goat industry is tied to the democratic party.  Just when you think it can’t get any dumber….For real!   Seriously?     I think that I am just going to step over here and slam my nuts in this sliding glass door.  Wham!  Wham!  That makes more sense than the rest of this.

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