Today’s current climate lends one to read, look at, view and/or listen to a variety of different forms of media.  I don’t want to watch nor read any given “news” source.  This is not a new deal with me.  I started this practice in 2008.  If you need/want to know why–call me.  This was the point that I realized that there was very little “news” reporting happening and mostly just “copying and pasting”.  If the first one didn’t have the facts right, the rest of them are wrong.  It was like cheating in high school.  You better get your info from the right source.

In today’s society, it has only gotten worse.  These ass-clowns have put the 1st amendment to a high-tensile strength test. They stretch, twist and use the protection of the 1st amendment.  All in the name of ratings, views, shares and comments.

Tonight, I sat and watched Todd Kennedy and Tommy Milligan do their show-rite book face live video.  It was really good!  No promotions…just honest answers about marketing goats.  Way Good!!  Yes it was sponsored by Show Rite but they weren’t pushing products.  They were answering questions and keeping it real. Thanks dudes!

I am extremely proud to read the current writings of Chancey Hanson.  If you aren’t following her on book face, well…you need to be.  Check out  She grew up in the industry, works for the Oklahoma Cattleman’s Association, is raising a family in the industry and well, she gets it.  All of it.  Today, in her writings, she ties building fence to the current meat demand/shortage, whatever.  Well, well written.

Wait, what?  This chick is a cattle producer, working for the OCA and writing about the beef market…true?  How does this tie to a goat page.  One, it all ties together.  Two, she is a former student of mine.  And THREE….her sister is Dana Church.  Yeah, like those Church kids that have shown a pile of bad ass doe kids over the years.  Like the Church kids that won the 1st EVER doe fitting contest at OYE.  Way good family!

We do a fair amount of business with Gary at the Gage Locker.  This is a small packing plant.  One person–Gary and he is the owner/manager/butcher/custodian/accountant/office manager–whatever.  Dad takes several head of butcher calves to the Gage Locker each year.  I take calves, a goat, an occasional lamb and a pig when it fits into the schedule.  He does a great job butchering, cutting and wrapping.  He doesn’t have a big enough space to let a beef hang for several weeks.  But, he hangs them as long as he can for us.  Personally, I love the white butcher paper wrapped steaks.  I’m not anti-vac pack.  But there is something cool about unrolling a pack of ribeye steaks from a steer from JQ Kelln and seeing the vibrant red color, meat texture and the marbling popping against the background of that white butcher paper.  Hell, this makes me want to cook a steak right now.

Local butcher shops are booked well into the end of the year.  I love this.  The covid caused it and I hope that this is a trend that stays around.  I’m  not against a store-bought steak.  But, we ALL love a fresh steak from a locally sourced producer.  There is something to be said about eating meat/veggies/eggs when you know where they originated.  This is one thing from the rona that needs to continue.  Fresh meat, fresh veggies and more knowledge of where your food source originated.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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