Boys & Girls……l have new stories.  I mean real good stories.  GOAT stories.  The kind of shit that you cannot make up.  But, none of it is as cool as the stuff that I’m getting ready to type.  Those goat stories will have to wait.  Let’s go!!!!

       On this Friday, we are traveling to Stillwater, OK for a graduation, or two, kind of.  What?  Well……….A couple of year’s ago I wrote a blog about a bad-ass niece that was Academic All-State AND all-state in softball, etc.  Basically, just a bad ass!   Those couple of years have actually added up to 7.   WHAT?????  SEVEN damn years.    And Mattie Atha is now graduating from Vet School from Oklahoma State University.  Yeah.  Undergrad in 3 years and then vet med school.  And yes, she is already employed.  And yes, thankfully, large animal.  And NO!   Don’t ask the next question.  She is getting married at the end of May to a cool kid.  Basically, she’s too cool for any of you.  How cool is that?  Way Cool!!!!

       You want cooler?   Seriously?   How do you get much cooler than that?   I’ll tell you how.  As cool as Mattie Atha is, her little sister might be even cooler.  Sarah Atha is ALSO graduating from college on this Friday.  Sarah is graduating from Oklahoma Panhandle State University with her BS degree.  Same damn day!  Goodwell, OK to Stillwater, OK is a bit of a drive to do both graduations at the same time.  No way!   

      Sarah took care of all of the travel dilemmas.  “I’m going to Stillwater to watch my big sis get her vet degree.  Have fun.  And then, when I get my NEXT degree, we will have fun.  My turn.”  How bad ass is that?  In my opinion, (which is all that matters) WAY BAD ASS!   

        Top it!  You can’t!  Wait, what?  I can.  For a story to come later…. these girls’ grandma just proved where the bad-ass genes come from.  “I’ve got two graduations and a wedding this month.   This will wait.”  TF!!!

      I’m just lucky that the Dragon Lady allowed me to be a part of this family.  Like every other family unit, it ain’t perfect.  However, the results are real close!  

       Regardless of species, no matter how cool the sire is, the dam is always way more important.  Todd, you know I’m right.  

       Here’s to great maternal genetics, regardless of species.   The value——priceless!!  


HAAAAAAA!!!!!   You people have NO idea how priceless!!  I got HER to proof-read this stuff.  Not write.  But proof-read.   First time ever!!  She actually sat at this keyboard and scrolled through it.  Smiled as she read and did not bitch about the music playing or how loud it is. (It was LOUD!!)   It took me retiring for a bit, and then writing about these bad-ass nieces (and bad-ass they are)  AND yeah!    Huge strides.  Maybe, just maybe, when I die at the age of 102, the Dragon Lady will post on here.  It will be something like,  “He’s dead.”   And my brother-in-law Todd will go “That took longer than we planned.”  And my favorite mother-in-law will go “Well, at least he got better with age and left us with a pair of grandkids that make us proud.”   I really want to type about some goat stuff but this was too much fun.  

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