2017–A Good Start

The new year is here, and so far, it has been a very pleasant year.  The wind did NOT howl on the 1st and the weather was absolutelty perfect in NW OK on the 2nd.  I’m talking short sleeves, no wind, awesome evening kind of weather.  But the wheels will fall off in a day or two.

Duke and I were out of school on the 2nd, so we went to Cleo Springs to pick up a load of panels.  Then we stopped in Aline to drop off some stuff to Mr. Pullan.  He was IN school today and wasn’t exactly happy.  But, he found the positive in it as he will get out a day earlier than the rest of us.  The Pullans have had some babies born in December.  They purchased the month lease of Easy Decision from Milligan.  Easy was obviously fertile that month.  They bred 20 does and have like 43 kids.  A couple of the does were old and their bags aren’t working as well as they used to.  I didn’t want to see Mama Pullan as it sounds like there is some bottle feeding going on.  

I’ve enjoyed the facebook pics and posts from Phoenix.  I missed being out there, but I’m glad we were home getting stuff done.  I really liked the champion lightweight pics.  I remember last June when Blake Foraker went to Preston Faris’ place.  I had Blake look at some hair sheep wethers for me.  Preston and I then agreed on a deal and I made arrangments for Ralph Shafer to bring those critters to the sale in Norman.  Blake called me back and asked if he could get a ride for a wether goat.  Sure thing.  He told me that this goat was skinny but that he thought that there was something there.  When, Duke and I loaded this little goat, we realized that Blake was wrong.  This goat was REALLY skinny.  We took him to Fargo and threw him on a feeder until the Foraker’s came to get him.  This little goat had a cocky look and the parts were there.  Except for the big knot that he had in his armpit.  In closing, I would say that I like skinny goat stories and if Blake Foraker says he likes a skinny goat, one should probably listen.  I would have liked to see how this dude progressed on out into March.  

My phone has been on the outs for most of the past week.  I need to get it fixed (do they still work on old iPhones 3s or 4s?)  But, secretly, I have kind of enjoyed not being able to use it in a normal fashion.  I will have to remedy this, but I don’t want to.  I really just want my bag phone back.  

I shaved tonight, for the first time since Christmas Eve.  I like the Grateful Dead song, “Touch of Grey”.  HaHa….touch of grey, my ass!  That was a whole lot of grey.  My facial hair is like the hair on the hogs that Helms shoots in his front yard…COARSE!  I asked Duke if he wanted to help.  He politely declined.  I told him that I would trim more hair off of my ears than he would shave off of his face in 2017.  I was then sternly asked to leave his room.     

Speaking of 2017 being a good year.  It is a known fact that I like to eat and eat well.  So, when somebody tells the Dragon Lady and I that they are grilling steaks–I’m in.  Tyke grilled ribeyes, filets, grilled shrimp, made a wicked batch of taters, ears of corn and…and….and it was AWESOME.  The first meal that I had in 2017 was WAY GOOD!  Price was killer good as well.  Although, my shoulders are a little sore from constantly having to lift Brandt to touch the ceiling.  The twins are growing.  

Oh, I was awake for midnight on New Year’s Eve.  I wqouldn’t have been but I woke up on the couch, fully dressed and needed to take a leak.  It was 11:59.  A little relief and I didn’t watch any of the festivities on the tube.  And I felt good on New Year’s Day.  I’m getting old.  

And on the subject of being old, Law & Order is getting an occasional piece.  Warthog and Manilla Gorilla are nailing a couple.  However, Joe Dirt is wearing a marker and acting like he did in 2011—breed ’em and yell “Next”.  I haven’t tested him in a bit.  I bet the boys aren’t swimming as well as they did in 2011, but he’s loving life.  

Have a good one, a better tomorrow and we are getting close to no more of your president.