2 N the same day

I have not been the most prolific blogger for the past couple of months.  There has been plenty to write about but I haven’t made time.  Now, I have time.

Several OYE stories.

On the Saturday morning of the doe show, one of my prize 8th graders had washed and dried his doe.  He was standing in the middle of the busy aisle that leads from one barn to the next.  He waited until it was crowded around him and then he started coughing.  I mean coughing hard.  Then, he loudly says “I’ve had this cough ever since I got back from that trip to China last month.”  The crowd parted and moved away from him.  This turd!  I shook my head, chewed his ass and then later laughed about it.

On Sunday afternoon, Washmon, Schoovy and I were standing by the Shattuck sheep pens.  A teenage boy came around the corner pulling a little red wagon.  The wagon was filled with sprite, dr. pepper, coke and school fundraiser chocolate bars.  The boy made eye-contact with me and he asked, “Sir, would you like to buy a pop or candy bar to support my school?”

I said, “I don’t drink pop and I don’t eat much chocolate.”

He said, “You a diabetic?”

“No, I just don’t need the stuff.”

“You allergic to it?”

“No.  I gave up pop a year ago and I’m not a chocolate addict.  However, if you have a Payday in there, I’m a buyer.”

“No sir, no paydays.  But, this dark chocolate bar is really tasty and good for digestion.  You want one?”

“No.  How old are you?”

“14 sir.”

At this point, Schoovy & Washmon tune in to this conversation.  Schoovy leans in, hat cockeyed and says, “I might buy some product from you but I have one question for you.  You a democrat or republican?”

This future entrepreneur looks him dead in the eye, goes psshtt “You think some democrat would be pulling this wagon around this place trying to earn a dollar or two?  They would be sitting around waiting on a free candy bar.  Mister, I’m a future republican voter. ”

Washmon then asks if the pop is part of the school fundraiser.  “No sir, that’s my gas money to get here.”

I then asked where he was from.


I said, “I thought that area was in quarantine.”

“No sir. That’s Tulsa.  We are tougher than those people.”

He made some cash at that stop from Schoovy and Washmon.  Before he pulled his wagon to the next aisle, he looked at me and said, “Since I couldn’t sell you a pop or candy bar can I interest you in a N95 mask?  They are hard to come by and I have a stash of five of them for sale.”

Who says the future doesn’t look bright?  That kid has a chance.

No matter the situation, there is normally a way to make a dollar or two.

I heard this today.  With the current economic situation, democrats point out the plunging stock market and exclaim how it is all the Trumpster’s fault.  On the other side, Republicans look at the current stock prices and go “Ooohh, name brand stocks are on sale!”

I wish that there was not such a divide in our current politics, but it is what it is.

With everything going on in today’s society, I am a bit concerned about the upcoming goat market.  With the cancellation of the biggest market shows in the industry and several big live auctions being cancelled, one has to be concerned.  Although, it looks like some deals are recession proof.  That, or they just aren’t real.  IDK.


People, it is St. Patrick’s Day!  I am wearing my Lucky Charms t shirt, a quiet man cap that my parents bought for me in Ireland and some underwear with 4 leaf clovers.  I bet that doesn’t help.  I do not have any Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey.  Nonetheless, cheers to you and yours.

Here’s a few Irish toasts that I think are cool, fit the livestock industry and well, I just like them.

–May your giving hand never fail you.  (the last week in OK and TX has seen a lot of people giving to make these deals kind of work–Thanks to all.)

–Dung hills rise and castles fall, we are all equal one and all.

–Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold beer-and another one!  (this one seems to fit the Kelln operation.)


–Here’s to cheating, stealing, fighting and drinking.  If you cheat, may you cheat death.  If you steal, may you steal a woman’s heart.  If you fight, may you fight for a brother.  If you drink, may you drink with me.


Here’s to horseshoes & shamrocks.  May tomorrow be better than today.

Just remember, it could be worse.  We could know somebody that actually has corona virus.


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