2 N a Row

Yes, 2 nights in a row, I am posting some dribble.

I just got home from the premium sale at the Woodward District Jr. Livestock Show.  All attendees were fed a ribeye steak dinner.  It was good.  Desserts were worth the trip.  Huge crowd.

They give out a Black Jacket award every year.  This is to an outstanding supporter/volunteer/whatever.  They have a black suit coat with the WWDJLS logo on it.  Each year, the recipients all wear their black jacket.  Kind of like the Master’s green jacket.  It is a cool deal.  They keep it quiet.

I had to help with the behind the scenes for this year’s recipient.  I know the family.  All of you probably know the family.  I had fun dealing with the wife to get the jacket size and info.  It was well deserved when they announced Mr. Larry Moore as this year’s Black Jacket recipient.  Talk about livestock legends.  That dude has raised grand barrows at Houston, OYE, Tulsa, etc.

I don’t know if the sale was up or down but I do know that the Shattuck kids sold well.  Ten kids sold for right at $30,000–not counting add ons.  I remember the very first premium sale at this show.  In fact, I remember the very first kid and animal that sold at this premium sale.  It was a student of mine in 1999–Blake Bixler from Waynoka with the Grand Steer sold for—$800.  Yep, no commas.  $800.   This sale has done grown.

They also give out a group of scholarships.  Two kids get a big Happy Gilmore check for a $1,000.  One of them was Kaylee Holt from Shattuck.  They also give out another 8.  Guess what?  Duke Kelln was one of those. Resume is strong.  GPA–I guess it is good enough.  This is an excellent district show.  Quality of stock is good.

And the countdown is on.  The number is now eins, uno—1.  That’s it.  ONE!   There is one stock show left for Tammy and I to be stock show parents.  Lots of work left in the next two weeks but the end is in sight.  Some families will be crying and depressed that it is coming to an end.  Not us.  We aren’t done yet but it is dang neart time.

Back in August, there were 5 animals on feed in Duke’s pens.  Now, here we are in March and there are the same 5 animals.  3 sheep–2 goats.  Probably don’t have the right one.  But, he has 5 high quality animals.  In today’s livestock world it can be hard to keep a set together.  Those that know me understand when I use the term “good livestock”.  Sound, functional, good muscled creatures that grow and are productive.  No extremes. I am happy with the fact that he doesn’t have a throw away animal.  Here’s the cool part.  He started with these 3 sheep and 2 goats.  There were never any others.  One because of the price tag on the goats.  And two, a person only wants a few sheep on feed.

I’m done.

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