2 N 1 Day

      2nd blog post in the same day.  Did the Real World deal after church this morning and now this.  Tammy and I made it down west of Vici for a quasi-birthday celebration of sorts.  I’m not good with birth dates but Newt Sweet and Kelli Sweet both had recent b-days (maybe even today) and Tesha the Bruce also had a B-day today or somewhere close. No matter, happy birthday to all involved.  

     Brandon the Bruce cooked burgers and dogs at The Sweet’s place tonight for these B-day celebrations.  John the Bruce attended and kept everybody in line.  It was big fun right up until I realized that James & Newt had bought some does, then the wheels came off the wagon.  Let’s just say that they were not aware of the historical signficance of the goat herd that they had rescued.  Several local & county champions had come from this herd.  

     Then, Brandon the Bruce’s mother offered up cake and ice cream.  Not a problem, except that I can’t turn down fresh ice cream.  And I have a bit of a lactose intolerance problem. Dang, those milk products just taste so good.  I have not messed with drugs, but I bet if I ever do, I’ll probably have an IV hooked right up to a Holstein.  I know.  It just ain’t right.  A Jersey would probably have a higher butterfat quotient.  Yes, I know.  I have some issues.