2 minutes

It is amazing how 2 minutes….and a wrong decision….can change your day or for that matter, week.  Nothing really bad happened but 2 minutes could make a difference.  I know of numerous times that I wish that I would have walked into the kidding barn 2 minutes earlier.

This afternoon, we had a big project that involved using the plasma cam.  On the first run, it cut like crap.  I checked settings, connections, torch and everything seemed in order.  Tried again.  Cut like crap.  Then I realized that the air compressor wasn’t keeping up.  WTH?  Something was wrong with the gauge and/or pressure switch.  And not just any pressure switch–has to be 220 with ports for a gauge and relief valve.

Didn’t have one in Shattuck.  Got advice (and this is where my problems started.  I KNEW where to go BUT…BUT….).  Headed to Woodward.  Made first scheduled stop before they closed.  Done.  Headed to the advised spot.  They looked at me with blank stares.  CRAP! (not the word that I thought but whatever)    So I headed back to the first place that I mentioned to the “professionals” that recommended the other place that didn’t have a clue.

I pulled in at 5:02.  Yep.  They locked down at 5:00.  Wasn’t even a vehicle in their vast parking lot.  So, I started making stops around Woodward.  Nope. No.  Not a chance.  Not tonight.  I felt like a married dude.

Made several phone calls and got the same reply.  “You were on the right track. But they close at 5.  But they are open at 7:30 in the morning.”

At this point, I just spent time thinking back to every thing from 2:30 p.m. to 5:02 p.m. that cost me two minutes.  It is scary as to how many little things can add up to something that changes your schedule.

So, tonight, I sat on the table in the front yard and watched a two minute nature video about marsupials.  Those “True Facts” videos make me laugh, but I also occasionally learn something as well.  Wombat pouches aren’t the same as Kangaroo pouches.  And I did hear a cool song about Koalas in the rain.

Which brings me to 9:38 p.m, sitting here at the keyboard.  Tonight, I had a couple of cool minutes with the wife and favorite son.  Just sitting at that table, laughing about stuff, nothing, everything.  Then I watched those nature videos.

But, then I remembered my morning drive.  My description will never do the visual justice.  But I saw it.  And it was wicked badass cool!

About 7:20 this morning, just east of Gage, OK.  There was a 5’x6′ round bale sitting next to the north side fence and something was perched upon it.  What kind of bird, what in the hell, that ain’t no bird!  WOW!!  What a view.  Rain clouds to the northwest, morning sun rays poking though directly north of the setting and sunrise to the east.  I had to slow down from 80 something, crossed the bridge, waited on traffic, cut a legal u-turn on the highway and headed back east.   That critter just stayed there.  I pulled out my phone, clicked the camera icon, slowed down and well crap, it saw me slowing down and jumped off the round bale.

There was a coyote perched absolutely statuesque perfect on top of that round bale.  Feet placed perfect, ears pricked up, eyes straight forward.  A talented online livestock salesperson couldn’t have photoshopped that visual any better than what I saw.  Two words came to mind when I saw this picture perfect moment–National Geographic.  That shot was that good.  I saw it but don’t have it.  2 minutes earlier and I might have.

My day started off wicked cool.  Had a couple of minutes or three that cost me.  I spent some time pondering the day, well, at least 2 minutes.  Then got home and enjoyed 2 minutes here and there.

Now, I realize that I will be back in Woodward, waiting 2 minutes early for that parts store to open.  Then, I will take 2 minutes to swing by and get some Daylight Donuts as I head back to school.  The way I see it, I will need a donut to make my day better.

And I guaran-dang-tee-u that those that will deal with me tomorrow might need a donut or two and maybe 2 minutes of a head start to get away from me if that dang switch doesn’t fix the problem.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  I will.  DONUTS!


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