2 Bricks

On Thursday, I went to the NW District Stock Show in Enid to watch the goat show.  This is a show that brings me happy memories.  I remember the days when the Fairview and Hennessey kids battled it out as if it was an OYE preview (which it was for years).  I saw a WAY, WAY good doe show and a wether show that left me dissappointed.  The does were good and deep.  The quality, showmanship and presentation of the top end does were killer good. Congrats to Taylor Parrish and her family on the grand doe.  This is a Helms doe that won the Champions Choice show and now Enid.  This one is good.  And as good as the doe is, the showman is better.  This chick can get it done.  Likewise with the reserve grand.  I have no connections to this showman other than I like watching good kids who work hard.  Jett Smith is a kid that you need to meet if you are in the industry.  Steve & Gay Simpson have helped Jett get going and now ol Steve can hook his thumbs in his leather suspenders and watch Jett go gather banners.  Real Cool Deal.  Family and friends working together to do well.  I’m pretty sure that this is how these livestock projects are supposed to work.  Both sets of parents allow that they just chaffeur from show to show.  Cool deal!

This was Tori Sessions last district show.  Tori has had a great career showing does.  She has won multiple divisions at OYE and Tulsa, won Enid district and the Champions Choice jackpot as well as numerous other shows.  Great goats and an even better kid and family.  The completion of this career makes me feel old.  

The wether show was good on the top end and then fell off real quick.  The top end of the wethers were well shown, well presented and looked the part.  The grand was easy.  Personally, I really liked the reserve division 1 wether to be in the hunt.  The top 12 or 14 wethers were very good.  After that, I think that I will just…

I do NOT like the crap storm surrounding the wether show.  The goat was good.  The judge was clean.  I just don’t like the kind of stuff that can happen in the stock show game.  Adults can screw stuff up for everybody; all in the name of a win.  Almost all of the problems that I deal with in the show barns are caused by parents.  At times, I just want to find two bricks.

On a positive note, I had a voicemail on Thursday night from Buford T. Hill from Texas.  He wanted to buy some meat goats.  This voicemail was off the hook.  I did not return the call that night.  Friday afternoon, I replayed the voicemail.  I shook my head and thought to myself, “This is either a legit deal or a Ritson Urban kind of deal.”  So I called back and left a voicemail.  

Later in the evening, my phone rang and it was a central Texas area code–same phone #.  I groaned to Tammy as I answered, “Here we go.”  Sure enough, the caller sounded legit.  Had a great story that tied to me and how he came across my name in his search for meat goats.  Finally, the truth came out.  It was a former student of mine that graduated from Waynoka in 1996.  Man alive, I was in a good mood when I finally realized who it was.  Classic!  I hadn’t talked to him in years.  It just put me in a Happy Gilmore movie.  Go to your Happy place.  

He made me laugh as he reminded me of a saying that I have used on occassion.  That saying goes something like this “You boys would be money and heartache ahead if you just took two bricks and smashed your nuts in between them.”  I apologize to any readers offended by this.  But, MOM, I think the first time I used this advice was with the middle brother.  

Now, an hour later as I write this crap, I find myself with a stupid grin on my face as I think about the voicemail/returned call/conversation.  It doesn’t matter the business or industry, people will make it good or wreck it for others.  I loved hearing from this “kid”.  THAT is what this industry is about.  Twenty years later and a simple phone call can put me in a lgiht hearted humour.  On the other hand, as for those that want to play those scoured-ass, crooked games just to win a show–well, I wish their dad would have just used two bricks and smashed his nuts in between them.  

Here’s to being glad that your dad didn’t have two bricks.