1st time

I made it 46 years without many medical issues.  I broke numerous bones, tried to cut a couple of fingers off, a bad run in with some poison oak a time or two and lots of bruises and aches and pains.  Then, I broke that damn toe last year.  I didn’t have a good story for that.  But it was damn sure broke in two.

Now, I hurt my hip.  I felt it immediately and I don’t have a cool story for it either.  But, it dang sure hurt.  Now, I have made my 1st time visit to a chiropractor.  And in true livestock fashion, I went to the chick that also works on our goats, sheep, pigs and calves.  Why?  I put more value in our stock than I do myself.  So, I figure if she can fix the stock, might as well be my turn.  Plus, she doesn’t prescribe a bunch of injections, cuts and drugs for the critters.

There were lots of different people working OYE with lasers, magna-waves, massages, heat treatments and alignment therapy.  This, the human version, was probably cheaper.   Although,  I do have a fun story about watching a treatment on a pig at OYE.  Some of you will remember that “thong” song from the early 90s.  The tune is stuck in my head.

As I get ready to turn 48, I know that I am not that old in years but this unit is not exactly a slick, one owner that was only driven on Sundays to church.  I think that I’ll follow some of the advice.

No need to text me.  I already know that this post comes full circle back to a post a month or more ago.  “FEELS GOOD” always sells.

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