1988 Movie

Tomorrow is the first day of school at Shattuck America!  I’m actually ready for it to get rolling.

Tonight, I finished chores and plopped down to the tv.  I flipped through the channels until I landed on the IFC channel, just in time for the start of the 1988 classic movie “Coming to America”.  After watching several minutes, I quickly realized this was the un-edited version.  Just like the movie that I first watched on VHS back in 1988.  I was taken back in time as I sat there, laughing at Eddie Murphy and others.

The comedy in this movie is classic.  The barbershop discussions are off the hook.  Eddie Murphy was on his A game.  The storyline is great.  I don’t mean to sound racist at all, but this has to be one of the greatest collections of beautiful black women in one movie–ever!  Thirty years later and it’s still like, dang!   (How is that racist to think/say “Dang that is a bunch of beautiful women.. that happen to be black.)  Is that white guilt?   Not here.  Not then and not now.  I would call that a compliment.  And James Earl Jones played the king.  You don’t get much cooler than James Earl Jones.  That voice–and it fits his appearance.  He looks and sounds like, well, a king, the elder Simba, Darth Vader—awesome.  If you haven’t seen this flick, I feel for you.

Now, how does this movie tie to the goat world.  We will get to that.

This movie is unique in the fact that Eddie Murphy plays numerous characters and was one of the writers.  I think he plays at least 4 different roles.  Arsenio Hall also plays at least 4 different roles.

Most of my career in the goat industry has felt like I was Eddie Murphy in this movie.  I was writing the script and playing the parts.  A lot of the time, this script has felt like a comedy.  Other times was drama, Hallmark moments and at times, it has been a horror flick.

I’ve had to play the starring role.  Even though I’m probably better in a supporting role.  I’ve also played the role of free veterinarian.  In 2003, and hell, even now in 2019, there just aren’t many vets that are up to speed on goats in this part of paradise.  I’ve dang sure not always been right but I was free.  I’ve played the role of marketing specialist and head of sales; for myself, as well as others.  I’ve also played the roles of teacher, coach, jock, fitter, nutrition specialist, historian, antagonist and the checkbook.

And now, some may wonder if I’m like Eddie Murphy–are my best years behind me?  I know that I am better than Arsenio.  He’s been done for years.

I know I still get enjoyment from some things goat.  I know…..well, hell.  I know a lot but I’m still watching this movie.


The goat world tie from Coming to America—–

What did Akeem say was the family business?      Now, keep in mind that he was trying to play a poor person. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!—you would be correct if you said, “Goat herding.”


“Just tell me that you didn’t love me when you thought that I was a goat herder and I will renounce my throne.”   This is an actual line from the movie, not just some BS that I have used to romance the Dragon Lady.

People, have a great tomorrow.

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