There is a cool song about “1985” by some obscure band.  Cool tune!  They reference a lot of highlights from that year.

Some of my highlights from 1985 include running a tractor and combine for Omer Schneider on the property that I now live.  Van Halen’s tune “Why can’t this be love?”  ….it has not lost it’s allure to me.  I still listen to Q102.3 just for the off chance they actually play some bad ass tune from back in the day.

Other highlights from 1985 include John Q. Kelln sending me to the grocery store to… a movie and get a player to play it.  YES!!  RUSM???

So, I would illegally drive a block or two to the Jack & Jill Grocery Store.  (I was yet to have a driver’s license) I would pick out a movie and get a VHS player to go with it.  I didn’t have to pay for crap.  I had to sign a ticket that had the movie listed and the machine that I took.  Hand that ticket to me and I will gladly sign it.

I do remember renting a specific movie back in the day.  I hadn’t seen it yet.  I couldn’t believe that we were the first to rent this flick.  RUFSM??!!!???!   The First?   YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!   I had seen 1,2 & 3 but this one was supposed to be the best yet.  How could it be?   We were going to find out.

I can’t operate a DVR but I can still hook up a rented VCR machine to any tv unit.  Dude, I was stoked on this night.  We were going to go watch this chapter of a great American movie story.  I couldn’t wait.  Just push play.   Oh snap!!!

Now, 34 years later, I find myself operating a remote control with the same movie on one channel, while there is another movie on a similar channel with the same two movie stars.

Rocky IV has always held an allure for me.  Horrible acting, great music, great action.  When the training montage starts, I still feel like chopping wood, running up mountains and beating GMO commi bastards.  Steroids?  Drago on steroids?  That’s nothing.  In the livestock world, you just need to hire the right lawyer to get around that stuff.  Not that I have had to do that but I know his friends and those friends have a lawyer.  No, I won’t give you his name but I still have his # on my voicemail from a separate incident other than watching Rocky flicks.

Now, I watch part of The Expendables and realize “those dudes were/are still on something.”  I don’t even care.  As I flip back to Rocky IV, I still get amped with the training montage.  I still like the fight.  I still don’t want to listen to his final speech which almost ruins a great movie.

Old, tired and can’t type all or part of the thoughts in my brain.  It is getting harder to do this.  I want to say stuff.  I want to be done but….



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