18 hours

I made an 18 hour quick round trip to Texas to pick up a critter or two.  I was flying solo, driving south into a very stiff wind and encountered quite a bit of road construction.  The road construction slowed me down, so I changed my dining plans.  Instead of lunch at Cooper’s in Llano, I ate supper.  It all worked out.

Got to my destination, sorted through a pen of stock, loaded a couple, shook hands and headed back.  I took a different route home.  With the wind now behind me, that big diesel pickup did over 20 mpg with an 80 mph avg.  Now, I am a bit jet lagged.

I have been through Albany, TX on several occasions.  Always at night.  This time was different as it was on a Friday evening.  The signs advertise “Home of the Hereford”.   There businesses named after Herefords–Hereford Hotel, etc.  Yet, all of the street signs are adorned with Longhorns.  And there was a pen of Longhorns on the courthouse lawn.  There were statues of Longhorns.  I never saw an actual Hereford, just lots of Longhorns.

I am sure that there are several Texas Longhorn fans in Albany, TX but I bet that it is more of a Texas Tech crowd.  I drove home wondering about the “home of the Hereford”.  I knew that the first Herefords in the U.S.  were brought to Kentucky.  So, maybe the first Herefords in Texas?   NOPE!

It is kind of interesting reading about the history of this little town but it doesn’t give much info as to why Albany, TX is the “Home of the Hereford”.

By the way, when Vernon to Seymour to Throckmorton is green in late June….then the whole country is green.


Have a good one.

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