Dec. 1, 2015 is the 15th birthday of our favorite son.  Yep, Duke is 15.  If you haven’t seen him in the past several months, he isn’t that cute little boy anymore.  The feed bill has gotten considerably higher as he has gotten taller.  

    We were out of power on Monday evening.  The chores were done, tanks full and it was getting cold.  We elected to go to Woodward and grab a hotel room.  I could have fired up the generator or gone to stay at Shattuck.  But that woudn’t do as Duke and I decided we needed to go swimming.  So, Tammy ordered pizza while Duke and I swam.  Poolside pizza with the family while listening to Shattuck win their football game followed up by putt-putt golf.  Not the most elaborate b-day party, but it was fun.      Of course, you could tell that Duke was pretty excited about his birthday.  Same emotion that you always see out of the Duke–a flat line hunnhh, with just a hint of a shit-eating smirk.  Even though, it was pretty evident that he liked the Stormy Kromer vest that somebody got for him.