Veteran’s Day. It is a great country that we live in, that was made great by the protection of our armed forces. Thanks to all the men and women that have served or are serving in the armed forces.

I’ve got a guy at work that goes by Doc. He is retired but needed a job to keep from being bored. He is a really good hand that takes great pride in his work and is very upbeat. He served in Vietnam and has some pretty wicked stories about his experiences. The other day, he was telling me about the Vietnam show on the history channel. He then threw in a story about getting paid ten bucks to be an extra in a John Wayne/ Henry Fonda movie that was filmed in Hawaii while Doc was stationed there. “In Harm’s Way” was the movie. Doc said they came to the base and “hired” a bunch of servicemen to be extras. He said “I wish I would have gotten John Wayne and Henry Fonda to sign that $10 bill and kept it. But we were in too big a hurry to get into Honolulu and dance the night away.”

Thank you to all of the veterans for your part in making the United States of America the greatest country.

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