One hundred and three years old.  That is a long run on this planet.  Issur Danielovitch Demsky died at the age of 103.  Who?  What?  That would be the given name of the actor Kirk Douglas.  I would have changed my name as well.

Read up on some of the things that this guy did.  He wasn’t afraid to rock the hollywood boat.   Yes, he was an actor but he did so much more.  And wasn’t afraid to stand up to things that he didn’t like.  Duke & I love the “The War Wagon” which he played alongside John Wayne.  “Spartacus” is probably his most well known role.  Tammy says that his best movie role is actually a “times two”.  He played two brothers–Spur & Harrison. If you haven’t noticed the trend, any time there is a discussion about best movie ever, the Dragon Lady always throw in her two cents about “The Man from Snowy River”.  I really can’t argue with her.

Speaking of democrats.  I didn’t watch the State of the Union address.  But, I have watched enough replays and read a pile of the out-takes, excerpts and BS that has arisen from it.  I don’t care that the Trumpster didn’t shake that bag-of-used douche’s hand.  Maybe he didn’t see it.  Personally, I don’t know why she offered to shake his hand.  I don’t care.

As for the tearing up the speech, I really don’t care.  But, I do think that it was a shameless tactic on her part.  At best, she has some followers that are pumped about this move.  At the worst, think how this plays on the world wide stage.  Which may be her plan?  I mean, if you are from some other country that wants to do harm to the US of A, don’t waste money on bombs.  Just send it to that sack of crap and her cronies and let them work to destroy us from the inside.  I feel that she is the worst person that we have seen in a national office in my life time.  I do not like her or her politics.  I do not understand how the voters in her district have elected her numerous times over the past 30 years.

It is not healthy to have the two main parties so far apart in ideology.  I don’t like how mis-managed the Iowa caucus looked.  Nobody seems to be in control of the Democratic party.  Yet, I wish that Trump would stay off twitter.  I’m not the biggest fan of Trump but the other side is absolutely NOT giving voters a logical choice.

    I also am not a fan of the Medal of Freedom being given to Rush Limbaugh.  It doesn’t offend me but that dude hasn’t always done things right.  There are so, so many soldiers, philanthropists and teachers that have done way more good for the US of A than Rush Limbaugh.  Just another sign of how out-of-whack anything regarding politics has gotten.  

      Politics.  In it’s current state, the US political scene reminds me of taking a dump.  Everyone does it.  It is a needed, natural movement.  Yet, you really just want to wipe, flush and walk away.  But, for some reason, you know that you have to look right before you flush.  You don’t want to, but you do.  Then, a few minutes later, you realize that a second flush is needed to get it all down.  Which in turn, makes you think, “If I had to flush twice, do I need to re-wipe to make sure I got it all.”  Basically, it is hard to ever feel clean when dealing with politics. 


Ironically, as I was pounding the keyboard, I was sent a text in a group chat.  It was a picture of YOUR speaker of the house with the caption:

“The devil bowed her head

because she knew that she’d been beat.

And she laid that golden pen

on the ground at Donald’s feet.

Donald said, “Nancy, just come on back,

If you ever want to try again.

I done told you once, you drunk old witch,

I’m still your PRESIDENT!”


Whether you like the wording or not, I could give a rat’s ass.  But, if you can read this and NOT hear one of the most iconic American songs of ALL-TIME playing in the background, well my friend, you might need to look into moving out of the states.


People, I truly hope you had a good day and will have a better tomorrow.  Please pray for our elected officials.  All of them.  Pray that some get re-elected and that some don’t.  No matter what, pray that they choose to do right (for a change).  I pray that I don’t live to be 103 years old.  However, if that is GOD’s plan for me, I pray that I’m never a crooked politician.



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