Attended several sales this past weekend. If you are in Oklahoma and wanting to spend $1,000 or less on a wether, don’t even bother going south of the Red River. High, high, high. Saw a few pieces at Bob Allen’s sale on Friday night, but the decent one brought 2-3000 and the good ones more. Gallagher’s had a real nice set of wethers on Saturday morning. Don’t know what the average was, but over $3,000 with one bringing almost 13. Really good sale with a good crowd.

Then we made it into the Bleedin’ Purple sale. The cajuns prepared jambalaya that was way good. I had several bowls. These goats were well prepped and ready to sell. Big crowd and lots of hype. And lots of dollars changing hands. Mock sold a way cool wether for 20k and several more for a pile. Fleming and Halfman were trading their wethers for some dollars as well.

The buck sale of Helms kicks off today. There will be some dollars changing hands by Tuesday night when it closes. Lots of rumours about this set of buck kids. I’ve seen them and he was easily 10 deep in way good buck kids. These will probably be the best buck prospects offered all year. That 539x is a bad dude. He is wicked good. 2109 is a good one–super complete. 495x has the kind of rib, loin and hip that changes a herd immediately. I don’t need a buck, but these goats will make you think about spending a pile of money.

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